Choose your style

What would you like to see in your rooms, when choosing your style of sofas & chairs you need to consider the following..

Would you like to have two cushions on your sofas or three possible four or more..

Having a three seater sofa which two seats and back cushions creates a more modern style . Having three cushions is a more traditional style . Your style could be just one large seat cushion again its your style that matters.

Would you like a valance to finish of the sofas and chairs at the bottom or a plain finish or maybe a border to break it up.

Would your style be to have castors or wooden feet, again what style of feet, long feet square feet or shaped feet. How about a wooden foot with castors, again what colour castors? gold, silver or choose a different style all together.

How would you like your back cushions to be styled? Straight across at the top, meeting to a point in the middle or to have a shape. Would you like your back cushions to go over the arms or go straight up creating a squarer look.

What style of arms would you u like?A modern square looking arm shape, a more traditional curved arm shape?

Would you ideal style of arm be pleated or flat, would you like to have the arms piped or not, if piped your style may be straight up only across the front or going the length of the arm.

Would you like to see cording on your cushion edges or maybe piping, or would your style be to have the cushions plain without any piping or cord.

Would your style be to have buttons in the backs and seats, how about the arms too?

Choose your style of chairs and sofas, wing chairs and sofa beds or footstools.