Choose your design

When choosing your design theses are some of the things we can think about to help you with making the right choose for you!!!!

Would you prefer a traditional sofa design style with a higher back to give you better back support…

Or a lower back to give a more modern look maybe the sofas are going in front of a window and you want to maximise the light ..

How deep would you like the seats to be back to front ?

Really deep back to front to cuddle up on with loved ones , or shorter back to front to give you a more  upright seating position..

THERE IS NO NEED TO HAVE CUSHIONS SHOVED behind your back anymore to allow your feet to touch the floor , have it made to fit YOUR legs perfectly … If most sofas and chairs are too deep for your legs we can design it to fit perfect for you.

If you are 6ft 6 tall you will not want the same depth of seat cushions as someone who is 5 ft 6 tall … you choose what fits you …

Why not have it made for your body shape and for your needs ..

Have the seat heights lower or higher depending on you do you struggle getting out of chairs , have them made perfectly for your needs , do you like the really low designs of seat heights, have the design for you.

Have the arm heights lower if needed if you sew or read a lot or like to rest your head on the arms when lying down, or higher arms to give a cosy feel and give support if you like to lean against the arms with your back..

Would you like to have a manual recliner chair or an electric one ?  a single motor or a duel motor ? a massage pad incorporated into the chair ? again all made to your design and size…

Would you like corner group to compliment your rooms, one with an extended end without an arm possible on one or both ends, or a corner group which includes a sofa bed action that will then turn it into a huge chill out area?

Choose a footstool, again your design, a  longer  stool , or deeper or higher footstool or a footstool to use as extra seating ..

Choose from our wing chairs or bedroom chairs or sofa beds, again all made for your specific designs.